Bond finance

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we can enhance your corporate competitiveness by
providing total financial services customized to fit your needs.

About bond finance

Our bond finance services offers brokerage and management services for institutional
and corporate investors intending to deal various bonds in the midst of rapidly changing markets so that
our customers can improve their earnings rate.

  • Bond brokerage

    The bond market, where institutional investors are the main contributor,
    is traded mainly through the over-the-counter market. In line with the characteristics of these
    over-the-counter markets, we have identified the needs of institutional investors and
    promptly concluded contracts, helping investors manage their portfolios.

  • Acquisition of bonds

    The bond as a security is not only an investment target, but also a means by
    which issuers can raise a relatively large amount of funds at a time.
    We contribute to the issuance of the bonds of banks,
    public corporations, and loan companies at an appropriate interest rate in accordance
    with the demands for funds of those companies.

  • Bond management

    Interest rate trends are not separate from macroeconomic changes of a country.
    We determine such changes and predict future trends.
    We deal treasury/ monetary stabilization bonds through various dealing techniques to
    maximize our operating profits.